I've played all styles, all countries, all artists. OK, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I really played a lot, and I also played all the "special" and hard gigs. I know musician's life.
My bass player heros are: Paul McCartney, Klaus Voormann, Sting, Abraham Laboriel, James Jamerson, Carol Kaye and Prince.
If you want me to play some low notes for you, be it in your kitchen, in your staircase or on any other stage, please contact me for your low frequency service!
Bass Guitars
Fender Precision 1969
Fender Jazz Bass American Professional
Sqiuer Jazz Bass vintage modified (even more modified)
G&L L-2000
Modulus Graphite Quantum 5-string (modified)
Human Base BaseX custom 5-string
Human Base Jonas custom 5-string fretless
Sire Jazz Bass
Preamps & Leveling Amps
BAE 1073
Siemens V72 (Manfred Reckmeyer)
Universal Audio Solo 610
Glockenklang Bass Art
Tech 21 Bass Driver
Universal Audio 1176LN
Universal Audio LA2A
Misc. Gear
BSS 133
Vovox Cable
Blackring Cable
Fender Flatwounds 45-100
DR Strings High-Beam 45-105
Neumann Mircophones
Sennheiser Microphones
Amps & Cabinets
Eich BC 112 pro
Glockenklang Bass Art & Bugatti